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Lost and Found​
Shanghai, China. Octubre 2018

The work of Camila Pino Gay invites its viewers to open a lost and found box at an imaginary office or school.
These are objects that seem to stand still in time and that once found, they convey an inner strength of its own, a strength that has made them survive through current technology and make them still an object  that could be used today. They transform themselves into archeological pieces, which allow the viewer to again a space of memory that is contained in each of them. 

The combination of the techniques of screen printing and porcelain work - one used in pop art and the other dating back millennia, respectively - , allow the replication of different daily life objects to scale, transforming them into a different kind of object — not meant to be used, but to be contemplated or to facilitate the discovery in them of an optical illusion or a ready-made operation; a pencil sharpener, erasers, acrylic and oil paint tubes, glue sticks, pencils, all which will never be used and resembling the real ones, yet not exactly the same. With them, you can create your own studio or a stationary shop that resists the development of new technologies and also that seems to have stopped in time. 
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